IMPACT is Virginia’s early childhood professional development registry. This voluntary tool documents and recognizes the professional achievements of practitioners and trainers who work in the early childhood education and Out-of-School Time profession within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The IMPACT Registry offers three designations of Professional Development Certificates for applicants wishing to be recognized by the Virginia Department of Social Services:

Option 1: Placement Level on the Career Pathways for Early Childhood and Out-of-School Time Practitioners. Each level represents increased training and education, indicating a commitment to early childhood education, and creating a pathway to career growth.

Option 2: Placement Level as approved Trainer/Relationship Based Professional Development Provider (RBPD).  Each level represents that Trainer and TA Requirements for Registry Approved Professional Development Providers have been met, indicating a commitment to providing high quality professional development for the early childhood workforce.

Option 3:  Placement Level on both:  Career Pathways for Early Childhood and Out-of-School Time Practitioners and Trainer/RBPD